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Let us make your next tabletop. 

Our tabletops are made using the face grain of the hardwood of your choosing. While not as sturdy as our edge grain butcher blocks, face grain shows off more of the wood’s natural beauty. It has a warmer, more farmhouse feel, and is ideal for low-intensity aesthetic applications. Like a dining table. 

Mitered cuts, waterfall joints, continuous grain. We do it all. 
We’re also capable of knocking out some pretty large orders, so if you’re a contractor or manufacturer, ask about our Industry pricing. 

Please email for quotes on custom Table Tops and Butcher Blocks.

Need something a little more custom? Sounds like fun. Give us a call.

Wide Plank


Our Wide Plank Tabletops are glued together using boards that are typically 4”-8” wide. Same width boards can be requested, but that may incur an additional fee. 

These Wide Plank Tabletops have many uses, including:

  • Desk Tops

  • Conference Tables

  • Room Partitions

  • Large Shelves

  • Headboards

  • Wall Treatments

  • Display Panels

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