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Placeholder for

cabinetry, millwork, and CNC images.


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Cutting to Length

Planing to Thickness

Routed Edges

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CNC Precision Milling

Miters, T&G

& other joints

Custom Furniture & Cabinetry


Milling Rates

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$10 min.

Cutting service


$20 min.

Outside Planing


Milling (prorated)


  • The mill closes 30 minutes before the shop closes. Any milling needed during this time will become a work order and may be picked up at a later time.

  • We will only complete up to 15 minutes of milling while you wait. Anything that requires more time than that will become a work order. An employee will give you a lead time as to when you can expect your order to be done.

  • Typical milling orders will take 1-2 weeks to complete. Custom table top and furniture orders will take 3-4 weeks. These estimates are subject to change/ lengthen, depending upon the uncompleted order queue.

  • House of Hardwood reserves the right to refuse surfacing any outside material.

  • House of Hardwood will not handle or mill any green lumber, finished lumber, or lumber that contains any metal.

  • We do not take orders over the phone. If you would like to place an order and are not able to make it to the shop, please email us at

  • If you need to make a revision to an order that was placed, please either come into the shop or send us an email at We do not take revisions over the phone.

  • House of Hardwood is not responsible for any damage, rotting, termites, etc. to any material after it has left our shop.

  • We do not accept any lumber that was milled in any way. You may return material that has not been milled. This return is subject to a restocking fee.


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Northtech Straight

Line Rip Saw


Porter 12" Jointer


Felder KF700

Saw-Spindle Moulder


42" Timesaver Wide Belt Planer/Sander


Vitap Alfa

Boring Machine


Brandt Optimat

Edge Bander


5'x10' Patriot CNC

drill press.png

Nova Voyager VS

18" Drill Press


Grizzly 14"



Apollo HVLP Sprayer


Festool KS120

Miter Saw

edge sander.png

Grizzly 6"

Edge Sander