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Lumber & Slabs

Our bread and butter.

Since 1947, House of Hardwood has specialized in providing beautiful hardwood lumber to professionals and hobbyists alike. Come in, see our selection, and talk with one of our knowledgeable sales staff. We’re in love with wood, and it shows. 

Let us know what we can do to help! We can put a straight edge on your hand picked walnut board, or mill it to any thickness. Just ask about our custom milling. 


We also maintain a nice stock of Wood Slabs.

Come down to the shop and take a look at what we have.


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Here at the House Of Hardwood, we sell most of our lumber by volume, using Board Feet.


Volume = Thickness” x Width” x Length” / 144 =  bf


Importantly, the hardwood measuring system bases the thickness based on rough cutting done at the lumber mill, so all fractions indicate the ROUGH thickness.


We sell our hardwood S2S (Surfaced 2 Sides) - This means the boards have been planed down from their rough cut form to be flat. The edges are still not straight at this point, be we can straighten them up for you!


This S2S operation removes 3/16” therefore it is important to note net thicknesses;


4/4 Lumber - 13/16” net

5/4 Lumber - 1 1/16” net

6/4 Lumber - 1 5/16” net

8/4 Lumber - 1 13/16” net

10/4 Lumber - 2 5/16” net

12/4 Lumber - 2 13/16” net

16/4 Lumber - 3 13/16’ net

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