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Furniture & Cabinetry


There is simply no comparison between our custom cabinets and the prefabricated stuff at your local big-box store. We specialize in custom wood-veneered cabinetry, and can make your next big kitchen job an absolute breeze.

We offer:

  • Dowel construction. That means easy assembly, and sturdy, traditional joints.

  • ¾” thick backs. None of that hardboard crap.

  • Pre-drilled hardware holes. 

  • Pre-installed hardware. 

  • Drawerboxes.

  • Slab plywood doors, sequenced and edgebanded in house. 

  • Quick turnaround. 

  • Jobsite delivery.

Let us quote that next big job. Give us a call.


No assembly required.

Let the experts at the House of Hardwood build your next piece of heirloom furniture. We specialize in hardwood dining tables, benches, coffee tables and more. 

Each piece that leaves our shop was handcrafted by a true artisan. Their work is vibrant, touchable, and exists to add warmth to your home.

Walnut Close Up.jpg

Of course you can see a difference. But you can feel it too, trust us. 

Our specialties include:

  • Dining Tables

  • Side Tables

  • Benches

  • Desks

  • Beds That Don’t Squeak 

  • Coffee Tables

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Dressers

Anything you can possibly think of, probably.

Come in, have a chat, and let us make it for you.

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