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Custom Furniture




What woods are best for outdoor use?

outdoor woods

For outdoor use, we would recommend one of our decking products, such as ipe, red mangaris, or MOSO bamboo. Alternatively, softwoods such as our douglas fir, redwood, and red cedar tend to hold up well in outdoor applications as well. Regardless of what wood you choose, a proper finish is vital to treat and extend the life of the material. For hardwood and softwood applications, we recommend General Finish Exterior 450 Polyurethane. For decking material, Penofin Penetrating Wood Finish or Deckwise Ipe Oil are our most popular products.

Where are you located?


We are located at 2414 Wellesley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064. The shop is at the end of an alleyway with a private parking lot. If you are travelling to us on the 10 freeway, you will want to exit on the northbound Bundy Dr. exit. The nearest major cross streets are Pico/Bundy.

Do you have wood slabs available for purchase?

slabs purchase

We do! Our selection of live edge wood slabs is dependent on our stock and very limited in quantity. Please note we do not order live edge wood slabs regularly. If you would like to inquire on our current stock, please call us at (310) 479-4196 or visit our shop.

Do you offer any classes?

We do not currently offer any classes.


Do you accept California resale certification?

Yes! Before you make your purchase, please let us know you have a valid permit seller’s number. We will have you fill out a short form and your resale account will take effect immediately. Please note that we cannot retroactively apply a resale account to a purchase you have already made.


Can I return lumber or retail products?

If we have done no milling and you have not cut the lumber, you may return lumber. For retail products such as finish and tools, you may return them if they are unopened or unused. Please note that all returns are subject to a restocking fee.


Heading 1

Heading 1


How much milling can be done while I wait?

wait milling

We can do up to 15 minutes of milling while you wait. If we estimate that it will take longer than that, it will become a work order and an employee will give you an estimate as to when you may expect it to be ready.

I have a slab I want to get planed. Can you plane it?

slab milling

In most cases, yes! We plane outside material on a case by case basis. We can only make the final decision on whether or not we may mill a slab once we see it in person. Green lumber or lumber with metal may not be run for any reason. Also, badly warped or bowed material will likely not be possible. You may send us a picture and further information at for an assessment. Please note that the assessment given based on an email are not final and are subject to change once we see the material in person.

I can't make it to the shop during normal hours. Can I send somebody to pick up my order?

order pick up

Yes, you may. If you may give us a call beforehand to let us know the name of the individual that will be picking up your order, it will help ensure the process is fast and simple.

If milling can't be done while I wait, how long will it take until my order is ready?

mill order lead time

The lead time may vary depending on the nature of your order. For typical small order milling jobs, you may expect it to be ready in 2-3 business days. Other orders, such as outside material surfacing, cuts for multiple sheets of plywood, and more involved milling, may take 1-2 weeks. These estimates are subject to change based off the shop’s queue. The mill representative will give you a lead time when the order is placed.

What is a board foot?

board foot

Board foot is a volumetric measurement we use to price our lumber. It is similar to square footage, but takes into account the thickness of the wood. The formula you may use to calculate board footage is:

(Width*Length*Thickness)/144 = Board Foot

You can find more information about the board foot and how to calculate it on our lumber page here.

How can I learn more about pricing for your hardwoods and plywoods?


To find the current prices on our hardwoods and plywoods, you can call us at (310) 479-4796 or send us an email at Due to frequent fluctuations in material availability and demand, we cannot post this information online.

What does S2S mean?


S2S means “surfaced two sides”. Most of our material comes as S2S, meaning both faces are surfaced so you can more clearly see the grain. The edges are still in the rough, however. If the edges have been made parallel, straight, and square to the faces, the lumber is now S4S (surfaced four sides).

Does your lumber come in standard sizes (ie. 1x6, 2x4, etc.)?

dimensional lumber

Our decking lumber and softwood do come in standard dimensional sizes. Our hardwood lumber comes in random widths, typically between 5” and 9”, and with the edges still in the rough. We can mill any hardwood to those standard dimensional sizes based on your needs.

Can you mill outside material?

outside material

Our decking lumber and softwood do come in standard dimensional sizes. Our hardwood lumber comes in random widths, typically between 5” and 9”, and with the edges still in the rough. We can mill any hardwood to those standard dimensional sizes based on your needs.

Do you offer discounts?


Yes! We offer discounts based on the amount of material you purchase. Please note that only hardwoods can be discounted. Plywood, teak, some exotics, and milling are never discounted. Once making your purchase, please inquire about any discounts to the associate with whom you speak. We do not currently offer any military, student, contractor, or designer discounts.

Custom Furniture

I am concerned about wood movement in my table top. Is there anything that can be done to control that?


While wood moves depending on the relative moisture and humidity in the air, our furniture makers take steps to ensure this movement is mitigated as much as possible. This includes selecting individual boards that are not badly bowed, twisted, or warped, and alternating the annular growth rings in the glue up. For more information on how we complete our table tops, please read this article.

What type of finishes do you offer for custom furniture?


We offer both a polyurethane finish and a wax-oil finish.

With polyurethane, you get a more durable finish with your choice of a flat, satin, or semi-gloss sheen. For walnut and mahogany orders, we offer a tinted polyurethane that highlights the wood’s grain and enhances its natural tones.

With the Rubio Monocoat wax-oil finish, you get a natural finish that still allows you to still feel the wood grain. This product also comes in a variety of tints and colors to further customize your order.

For more information on the finishes we offer both for furniture and for purchase, please check our article “TITLE?”.

Do you offer any pre-made furniture or table tops?


Typically, we do not have any pre-made furniture or table tops in stock. All our furniture is made to order based on your measurements and needs. We do have some sizes of Michigan Maple Butcher Blocks in stock at any given time, but often we will have to order these for you as well.

How do I place an order?

place order

The best ways to place an order would be to either come into the shop and speak to an associate or to send us an email to This ensures you will be placed in the order queue as quickly as possible.

What type of furniture can your shop make?

furniture make

While we specialize in table tops and cabinetry, we can make any type of furniture you want! With our wide assortment of tools and techniques, most projects are possible. For more intensive orders, please come in with as much information as possible so we may give you an accurate estimate and lead time.

I have an old piece of furniture. Do you offer refinishing services?


We will not strip or refinish any furniture we have not made. For furniture or products purchased through House of Hardwood, please send us an email to info@houseofhardwood and we may tell you if we can apply new finish to your order.

Do you stain or color match?

color match

We do not offer stain or color matching services. If you would like to achieve a specific color for your furniture, we do offer tinted Rubio Monocoat. If you have placed an order, we can make complimentary samples for you to help you decide on which tone to choose.

What are the different types of countertops I can order?


The two types of countertops we offer are wide-planks and butcher blocks. With the wide-plank style, boards will be glued on the edge grain. Boards will typically be between 5” to 8” wide. With the butcher block style, many strips will be glued together on the face grain. Please refer to our Milling page for more information about the styles of countertops.

Where may I get an estimate as to what my job may cost?


To get an estimate on a prospective order, you may come into the shop to speak to an associate or send us an email at Please note we do not give estimates over the phone. Additionally, all estimates are subject to change based on any alteration made to the order or based on the changing prices of lumber.


I ordered something and don’t have the means to pick it up. Do you deliver?

socal delivery

Yes! We offer both drop-off and white glove services to delivery addresses in southern California.

I live outside the Los Angeles area. Can I still order a piece and get it delivered?


Yes! We offer freight shipping to anywhere in the United States for any of your custom furniture orders.


Is there a minimum order for decking material?

minimum decking

No, you can order any amount of decking material you want. If you need a small quantity, you may take it same day, depending on availability in stock.

I want to order a large amount of hardwood decking. How long until I receive the lumber?

large decking

For larger orders, we will typically receive the material in 3-5 business days and can arrange delivery for you, if needed.

Do you offer any warranty for your decking material?

decking warranty

Insert warranty. Link to MOSO bamboo for their warranty.

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