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Butcher Blocks

Butcher blocks are like tabletops. But edgier.

Using edge grain to make a tabletop uses more material, and is significantly more labor intensive. But we think it’s worth it. They have a unique streamlined aesthetic, and can stand up to some serious abuse all while being nicer on your blades. That means less sharpening. We’re not exactly recommending you use your beautiful new counter or tabletop as a giant cutting board, but you probably will at some point.

Please email for quotes on custom Table Tops and Butcher Blocks.

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Give us a call.

This type of construction produces a harder more durable top due to the grain on the edge of the boards being much tighter. We glue the boards face to face, which allows for much thicker tops than a Wide Plank Tabletop. Boards will run the full length of the piece. Great for kitchen islands, countertops and large spans. We use 1 3/4″ thick material, and the edge grain makes the beauties have a very linear look.

End grain produces the hardest surface, and End Grain Butcher Block tops are fantastically durable for cutting or heavy use. It is much more difficult to mar, dent or scratch these pieces. Great for cutting boards and working surfaces. These tops are extremely labor intensive so please call for pricing.

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