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Since 1947, the House of Hardwood has provided finished hardwood products to contractors, architectural firms, cabinet makers, and do-it yourselfers. Our focus has always been to provide exceptional hardwood materials along with personalized service, making us one of the premier hardwood suppliers in Los Angeles.

The House of Hardwood is currently operated by the same family (4th generation) since its opening over 60 years ago. We pride ourselves in our abilities to offer custom millwork, such as: surfacing (planing), custom moulding, wide belt sanding, and assembly of shop projects. We have provided quality hardwood lumber and plywood, countertops, table tops, bookcases, and staircase material to the professional trade, along with homeowners. Our hardwood products are tailored to the particular job, as every order is unique. 

Our hope is that this web site will give you a better understanding of what the House of Hardwood can do for you.

The Waldeck/Downie Families

Please contact us with any special request or inquiries.

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